Rp 199,000

Swiss Glutathione Bar paling top di antara sabun whitening yg paling populer saat ini.

dengan kandungan glutatione, grapeseed extract, roseship seed oil, vit C , vit E dan Alpha Lipoic Ac
bahan aktif Glutathione adalah kandungan yang terkenal efektif untuk hasil kulit yg glowing dan putih bening, mengangkat kulit mati dan mengembalikan pertumbuhan kembali sel-sel kulit baru.

Temukan kulit putih sehat alami anda dgn Swiss Glutation Bar


Content: 200gr
Harga: Rp. 199.000,- 

Penggunaan utk wajah dan badan.

SW+SS advanced skin whitening products, specially developed at SW+SS skin whitening laboratories, were created after years of pioneering research by using the cutting edge of science and technology. Our skin whitening secret is a unique formulation with L-glutathione, that works by elevating skin clarity and brightness. The nutrients and exfoliants contained in the SW+SS skin lightening formula promote the generation of new skin cells and are highly essential in providing an even skin tone. To protect your skin's natural radiance, the formula is fortified by a potent anti oxidant agent. The result is a silky white complexion that glows from within.

Rest assured that all our products are manufactured to the highest safety standards from pure and natural ingredients and are 100% free from dangerous skin bleaching ingredients like hydroquinone and mercury.


1. L-glutathione
(L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic Acid, Glycine) This biologically active sulfur amino acid tripeptide compound, L-glutathione, is normally produced and found in the body acting as a "Master Anti-oxidant", countering the effects of pollution in our everyday environment. The harmful substances that can be found in the very air we breathe, the water we drink, and the different chemicals in our food in fact degenerates and damages our cells and our internal system.

L-glutathione also known as reduced glutathione is a potent compound that enables cellular repair and helps the body recover from everyday pollutants. Unfortunately glutathione levels in the body decreases as a person grows older. Glutathione in its reduced form is found to be more effective in prevention and regeneration of ultraviolet radiation-induced skin damage. In increase dosages, L-glutathione in fact whitens and lightens the skin. Without the protection of glutathione, cells die faster, resulting to premature aging and increase the risk for toxin induced diseases.

2. Vitamin C
This ingredient maximizes the anti-oxidant effects of l-glutathione. It inhibits melanin production preventing the development of dark skin pigmentations.

3.Grapeseed extract
The preferred cosmetic ingredient, grapeseed oil, possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities for damaged and stress tissues, allowing better control in moisturizing skin. Grapeseed extract is known to reduce stretch marks and also in repairing the skin around the eyes.

4.Rosehip seed oil
This pressed seed oil contains retinol (Vitamin A) and is rich in the essential fatty acids linoleic acid or omega-3, and linolenic acid or omega-6. It is commonly used in cosmetic products for different skin conditions such as acne and sun burnt skin.

5.Vitamin E
Plays an important role in skin healing and reduction of scars from injuries and burns. Together with L-glutathione, Vitamin E indeed lightens the skin.

6.Alpha Lipoic Acid
Described as the "universal", "ideal", and "metabolic" antioxidant, Alpha lipoic acid neutralizes free radicals in the watery and fatty regions of the cell complimenting the effects of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


Theresa said...

I’m really glad to have found this product SWISS L-glutathione bar, it was able to lighten my skin, and my sister have recognize it just after 3 days of use. It really works! More power!

August 27, 2008 10:25 AM Lai said...

what i really like about this soap coz it is so effective. it dries up my pimples so fast. but then everytime i purchase this soap in watsons, it is always out of stock. it sells so fast! :-) anyhow, i am happy i found out about this. :-) keep it up!

August 27, 2008 7:31 PM Anonymous said...

HOw fast does it work

August 31, 2008 9:54 AM Jodie said...

Anonymous said...
HOw fast does it work

August 31, 2008 9:54 AM

I've been using Swiss glutathione bar for 2 weeks now. I already noticed that it works just after my 3rd day of use. I heard that Swiss has a lotion too... I'm really waiting for it to be available here in Cebu

September 1, 2008 4:34 AM Anonymous said...

tried it for the first time, and my skin seems brighter already!

June 15, 2009 1:23 AM Anonymous said...

i want to buy swiss product! i like it

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